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Character Design Suggestion #17
Please don't start asking the artist to take this design. It is their choice whether to take it or not, it is not mine and I only had an idea of what they could do to improve their character. Please take note that I'm not in any way attacking the artists who created their characters as I just want to help them and TheRealAshleyKetchum please do keep in mind that this is only a suggestion and that I'm not trying to hurt you in any way. Thank you :) 

This is a character redesign suggestion for :icontherealashleyketchum:'s Pokémon OC Ashely Ketchum.

You see Ashley, the reason I redesigned your character is because to me she looks like a Genderbent Ash Ketchum that even includes the name is a gender bend of Ash. Not only that but the way you portray your OC is like she is a 16 or 17 year old despite being 10 years of age and believe me 10 year old girls don't look like that, they don't have hips or breasts that are fully developed, nor at they 5'4 tall they are normally 4 feet and 7 inches tall and weigh around 74 lbs this is about average. But the way you draw your character makes her seems more like a teenager then a child

If you want to see child anatomy I would suggest going here…

or here…

And not to mention you are kind of sexualising her and you are also including a form of incest with her step-brother which is very strange and weird to be honest. Couldn't you just have her not related to Ash and still have her in love with him? Also you never explained why she hates Misty, is it because lots of people ship Ash and Misty together? Please do explain this reason. I also think you should add more to the dislikes other then just having 'Misty' 

Ok, now that I got that off my chest it's time to get to the redesign! 8D

Now as you can see I changed the colour of her skin because I thought that maybe we should go for something that was different. I upped her age from 10 to around maybe 16 or 15? I changed her clothing because it sort of reminds me of Misty (kinda strange that she would dress up as someone she dislikes but whatever) I changed her eyes as well because I thought that they would pop out rom her skin colour. 

I see see her acting quite the same as you planned your OC, her Pokémon partner would be Slurpuff. Not to mention I changed her crush from 'Ash' to 'Misty' instead as I think the two would make quite the cute couple, I even made art of them as well! ^.^

But I do think that 'Ash' could've been her first crush but it then transpired into having a crush on Misty >w<

I'm sorry I'm not really much of a Pokemon expert XD 

Yeah, that's pretty much all I got from your character. I hope you like it ^^

Ashley (c) TheRealAshleyKetchum
Flame Princess
Managed to get around to drawing Flame Princess! I'm sorry if the left side of her hair looks weird it's hard making her hair look like fire XD

Adventure Time (c) Cartoon Network
Sailor Moon - Usagi
Saaaaaaiiiilllllooooorrrrrr Moooooooooooon!~ 8D 

Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi 
{Bendy X Alice Angel}
I ship these two, I just love their whole chemistry with each other. It's like opposites attract sort of thing and them having a sort of love-hate relationship and maybe kind of like a Roger and Jessica Rabbit couple ^-^ 

Bendy & Alice (c) TheMeatly
Rainbow Quartz
Oh gosh she looks so much different now then the last time I drew her, it's probably because her hair is more poofy XD 


still can't get her transparent shirt/dress though
Steven Universe (c) Rebecca Sugar

Hello everyone, before I start this journal I want to put in a little disclaimer.


And I also want to tell you guys that most of these screenshots are from another account of mine since for some reason every time I try and upload something in my stash it automatically deletes itself for some odd reason. 

Now, I'm sure ya'll are wondering what I'm making a journal about. You see the person I'm making a journal about is a user that goes by the name of omai249 who is a bully, requests commissions that are perverted and overall is a general asshole.

Now how I came across this person was when I was randomly browsing through DeviantArt when I saw an artist upload a screenshot of another user talking to them in notes. So naturally I got curious and decided to read it and boy golly did I find something O__O

From what I get from this, it all started when Omai asked for a commission from an artist (who is now one of my watchers). So far everything seemed to be going well until the artist refused to do the commission because Omai would only give the. The points but no ref for the commission. After that Omai went off at the artist and then started to spread rumours how this artist was a scammer and an art thief. Then they started attacking the artist through notes and in the comment section of their profile using different accounts since the artist blocked Omai's main account. 

Now before Omai had also uploaded two journals about this artist, while I do have both screenshots of them. However one of them keeps automatically deleting itself so I'm very sorry about that which leaves me to quote everything they wrote in their journal.

{Artist's Name} thinks I'm a scammer. Because I wanted to give her points before giving her the reference. YEP TOTALLY A SCAMMER I'll take all ya' got.

no really? that's cute.

Here {Artist's Name} have 20 points for free.

does this make me not a scammer? 

*image of them giving the artist 20 points*

actually, I believe the tables have turned. NOW we have given {Artist's Name} 20 points, but she seems to block every agent we sent her way. Which we attempt to [civilly] resolve this. 

So she's basically a scam artist/art thief. (She recolours/does bases anyway) no even original artist.

so, who is the scammer?"

Ahem, but Omai if I remember correctly you don't owe this artist 20 points in fact you actually owe them 40 points and not only that but before you made this journal you didn't give them the points at all and after you gave them the 20 points she sent them back. 

So tell me Omai, who is the scammer here?

Also your 'agents' 'civilly' resolving this? Don't make me laugh, tell me Omai is this what you so-called 'civilised'? 

That is not 'civilised' at all, civilised is being polite and good-mannered. Not calling people 'lying cunts' or 'you fucked with the wrong people' 'we have hundreds of accounts, you can't run from us' 'you stupid worthless machine' 'you will literally regret your fucking lie'. I find it extremely sad how you made those accounts just to try and 'defend' yourself and you make it painfully obvious that it's you. 

Now after reading this journal I decided to leave a comment on it asking Omai to provide evidence that this artist was in fact an 'art thief' however I soon found out later that they hid my comment (which I didn't get a screenshot of cause I'm a dumb piece of shit) so I decided to comment on it again and pretty soon they also hid it along with another users comment as well (thankfully this time I was able to get a screenshot of it)

So I noted them about it and they responded to me saying "You're the only one who cares = D" 

After that they completely deleted all their journals. So I thought we were finished but I was wrong. I soon found out that afterwards they had started bullying another artist (who we'll call Artist 2). Now I had asked Artist 2 to explain to us their side of the story that had transpired. Artist 2 thank you so much for telling us this, it must've been hard for you...

"while back, she requested me to draw her male OC, and one of my OCs kissing. and I had her on Kik, and she ASSUMED me of lurking on her texts, and I said I muted the notifications, cuz my mom didn't want me having kik, but I still kept it for rp purposes (my mom doesn't care if I have kik now at this point) and I said the request was almost done, and she called me a fucking liar. then soon, she reactivated her DA, and commented on my profile, saying sorry. I gave her another chance, but SILLY ME! then she asked me if I have skype, and I found her and added her (SILLY ME, AGAIN!). on skype, she asked if I wanted to do "lesbian things" and I told her I have a girlfriend :iconkatfluff275: (I am bisexual) and she didn't believe me, so she told me to send a picture of me and my gf making out, and I didn't want to, so I uninstalled skype. then she talked to me on DA on my profile, and I told her I logged out of skype, and she got pissed. and she said that her OC and my OC were gonna go to a private place and do "private things" as if my OC belonged to her. so I said that she needed to ask my permission before making stuff like that with MY OC, and that's when she started calling me an fucking ugly bitch, and said my art was shit, and not only that! but she also said she was gonna steal my OC. now, that got me worked up, and I had an anxiety attack and I wanted to die RIGHT AWAY, cuz that's just how I feel when it comes to stuff like that

now, because of her, I'm too scared to draw. not only that, but drawing my OCs. I'm only gonna draw fanart now..."

Wow, seriously Omai? You're just pathetic and disgusting. You had no right in treating them that way. They had every right to refuse you and to be honest I would do the same thing if someone started asking me stuff like that and I doubt you even know how old they are. Leave them alone Omai. They are free to draw what they want to draw and you know what's funny Omai? Why should you be one to judge them when you don't have any art in your gallery at all :^) 

Not only that but apparently Omai had also supposedly asked someone else's girlfriend to give them nudes in exchange for points (I don't know if this is true or not but after seeing what they did to Artist 2...) and had asked another artist for their underwear

Recently Omai had also attacked another artist who had also made a journal about them 

You'd think I'd be done on this journal by now but trust me I'm not, this is gonna be a long ass fucking journal. 

Not only that but Omai had also told another person to kill themselves and insulted them on Skype 

Whoa, whoa that was seriously uncalled for Omai! What did they ever do to you?! Tell me is it the size of your pecker you're so worried about or the fact that you won't be able to get it up when you try to get it on with your girlfriend?

I hope you do realise this Omai but you seriously need to stop saying things like that because what would happen if you say that to someone and they actually go through with it? You'll be arrested for manslaughter but you'll receive a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail and be fined with $25,000. 

Saying such words can change lives you know and you need to remember that. 

Not only that but Omai had also blackmailed another artist into finishing a commission. 

They have even tried to cover up their little facade asking another artist to hide the comments of somebody who was probably warning them about Omai.

and 3 years ago, Omai had befriended another user (who wishes to remain anonymous) and he asked them to draw his two characters mating while another male character watched them and he had also asked the user in notes if they could draw his male character wearing their underwear however the Anonymous User had deleted the note so they cannot provide a screenshot of it. But they were able to provide the screenshot of him asking them to draw his and their characters mating, so thank you so much for showing me that Anonymous User ^.^

Not only that (holy shit I'm saying this a lot) but he used to have another account that went by LPSChaz even on that account he was bullying artists. Thankfully Anonymous User had sent me the evidence and even told me about how on this account Omai had tried to 'befriend' them. With their permission they have aloud me to feature their story in this, once again thank you very much for this and thank you for providing me the screenshots! 

"When he was using the account lpschaz he befriended me and asked me to draw his character cheating. I used bases back then and I did what he asked and drew his character. He saw the picture and asked why she was crying, but she wasn't crying it was a thick eyelash that was on the base. It was really late so after attempting to explain to him she wasn't crying I went to bed. The next morning he freaked out thinking I was ignoring him, and that I purposely made her cry in the picture. No matter how many times I told him it was an eyelash he wouldn't listen, and he made me delete the drawing. After I deleted it he began insulting me. I eventually blocked him."

And finally, their commission requests cause my god they're perverted and they mostly involve panties. (Wow Omai sure did back the fuck up as soon as they said their age) 


Remember DeerNoms? Cause guess what... this guy is back and guess what? Apparently Omai is Deernoms!

Special thanks to :iconaprilthefurry: for providing me this information ^^


Now ya'll had probably already known this before me but I wasn't that involved with the whole 'Deernoms' thing heck I didn't even know it was even happening! So I apologise for the way I'm acting right now XD

So that concludes my journal. If any of you guys encounter this user please don't talk to them, just block and report them and as I said at the beginning please don't do any of those things. 

And a message to omai249 you seriously need to leave DA and think about all the shit you have done. 


Lol they blocked me :) 

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